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Recently Added

  • Fail, Russell; Riley, Michele (2019-11-07)
    In the discussion of liberal arts, much has been posited regarding the value of a well-rounded education and the connection between liberal arts and developing critical thinking and communication skills. Liberal arts ...
  • Williams, Nikki; Williams, Shandrea P.; Bishop, Kathleen (2019-11-07)
    Students are often faced with many challenges in life, such as a death in the family, a personal illness, or being called away for a military assignment. It is important for professors and administrators to recognize when ...
  • Mahlan, Elaina; Foreman, Melinda Duncan (2019-11-07)
    A positive student-faculty relationship supports successful classroom outcomes. Little is known, however, about the student-faculty relationship in competency-based education nursing programs via distance learning modalities. ...
  • AuCoin, Dena; Jarvie, Lindsey (2019-11-07)
    The recent growth in social media technology is allowing online interaction at an unprecedented scale (Lee & Hsieh, 2013). While these technologies hold amazing potential for online activism, they also hold the potential ...
  • Pelletier, Patti; Boone, Joni; Hansen, Laurie; Fitzgerald, Liz (2019-11-07)
    Learn how the CTL embarked on a journey to identify and employ opportunities for diversity and inclusion in professional development.

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