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This collection features faculty written articles published in non-scholarly publications like association websites, trade publications, magazines, and others. Unpublished work that is not research-oriented can also be listed here.


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    The Power of a Collective Voice
    (2019-08) Harrison, Jennifer
    "Forced feedings…Hunger strikes…Jailhouse brutality…Racism…Fractious organizations…These may not be the images we immediately conjure when we consider the suffrage movement in the United States. We may often think of the courage, the sense of near fearlessness, or perhaps the iconic images of women silently protesting in front of the White House, but even with the latter, there has often been a romanticized approach in discussions of the suffrage movement. Yes, women were courageous, and yes, they took on the monumental task of attempting to change a centuries-old societal assumption of women’s rightful place. But the movement was often divided during its 72 years due to a power struggle between varying suffrage organizations; towards the final years of the movement, the two main organizations left standing, the National Woman’s Party (NWP), the more agitation-intensive organization, and the National Women’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA), which preferred a more traditional lobbying approach, made an effort to co-exist as they intensified their efforts to secure the right to vote." (The first paragraph used in place of abstract).
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    Stranger Social Justice: #JusticeforBarb and Hyperreality in Hawkins
    (Open Court Press, 2019) Holmes, Eric; Christensen, Jeremy
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    Review of The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette, MLW Radio Network, 2013 - Present.
    (Midwest Popular and American Culture Association, 2018) Holmes, Eric