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This collection features faculty written articles published in non-scholarly publications like association websites, trade publications, magazines, and others. Unpublished work that is not research-oriented can also be listed here.


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    Effective Use of the Hyphen, En Dash, and Em Dash in Legal Writing
    (The Federal Lawyer, 2019-10) Craig, Brian
    This article provides a short overview when legal writers should use—and not use—these three different dash marks. The three punctuation dash marks include: the hyphen (-), the en dash (–), and the em dash (—).
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    How Can Educators Leverage Diversity Within Schools?
    (ASCD, 2016-03-28) LaCour, Misty
    Leveraging diversity in schools is about honoring, celebrating, and respecting our differences across cultures. Teachers must engage in culturally responsive teaching in order to leverage diversity within schools. In order to do this, we must have open conversations about diversity, both with other educators and with our students (Cruz, 2015). “When we learn more about who we are—and who students are—culturally, we’ll become more conscious of how we influence students” (Ginsberg, 2015).
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    Homework Tips that Encourage a Trauma-Sensitive Environment: Homework Choice Board to Encourage a Trauma-Sensitive Environment
    (ASCD EDAdvantage, 2019-06-10) LaCour, Misty; Nyberg, Julia; McGlawn, Penny; Dees, Laura
    Providing choices to students experiencing trauma gives them a sense of control and empowerment in their learning. Consider implementing these strategies in your classroom.
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    Closing the Excellence Gap for English Learners and Students of Color
    (2018-05-29) Nyberg, Julia; LaCour, Misty; Dees, Laura; Hansen, Laurie
    Currently, a gap exists in which English Learners (ELs) “are persistently underrepresented in advanced classes and in programs for students identified as gifted” (Coronado & Lewis, 2017, p. 238). While the number of ELs has increased in classrooms across the nation, the “excellence gap” has widened over recent years due to the underrepresentation of students of color in gifted programs. One strategy that school districts can implement to close the excellence gap and open the opportunity to support gifted programs for ELs and students of color is by providing a family engagement workshop which addresses the needs of underrepresented gifted students.