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  • Olson, Joel; Walters, Kimberly; Appunn, Frank; Grinnell, Lynn; McAllister, Chad (Clute Institute, 2012)
    The latest low-cost technology solutions provide practical and reliable video options form standard personal computers using the Internet. By adding video to an established and geographically dispersed team process, this ...
  • Gibson, Jane Whitney; Clayton, Russell W.; Deem, Jack; Einstein, Jacqueline E.; Henry, Erin L. (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2015)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the significant contributions of Lillian M. Gilbreth through the lens of critical biography to put her work in the context of her life events, her key roles, the turning ...
  • Olson, Joel; Olson, Linda (Clute Institute, 2013)
    This study examines the sequence of Group Task Pressure (GTP) and communication medium conditions on group effectiveness. It contributes to the task-technology fit research by considering the sequence of these conditions ...
  • Olson, Joel; Olson, Linda (Emerald Publishing, 2012)
    Purpose - This study aims to examine the impact of task interdependence, communication medium, and sequence of conditions on trust in virtual teams. Design/methodology/approach - A pilot experiment was conducted using 22 ...
  • Olson, Joel; Appunn, Frank; McAllister, Chad; Walters, Kimberly; Grinnell, Lynn (Emerald Publishing, 2014)
    Purpose - The paper aims to address the question, "What is the impact of web-based video via webcams on virtual team trust and effectiveness?" Change and evolution in team perceptions over time are described. The result ...
  • Chenkovich, Kelli; Cates, Steven V. (Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, 2017)
  • McDermott, Martin J.; Butler, David H. (The Institute for Global Business Research (IGBR), 2018)
    This study explores the influence of gender on franchise business ownership. Franchising is a common form of small business ownership. Previous research suggests one of the greatest problems for franchise organizations is ...
  • Cates, Steven V. (Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, 2015-02)