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  • McElligott, Jane (2020-02-11)
    As faculty members of disciplines such as law, sociology, and history, many of us have the honor to be able to teach about the Civil Rights Movement as a key component of the curriculum in our classes. To teach concepts ...
  • Nordstrom, Carolyn (2020-02-12)
    Now part of a State University System, Purdue Global continues to evolve its KU legacy of a curriculum designed around the marriage of online delivery and core principles of learning theory. Creating degrees that offer ...
  • Tarhan, Sait; Berube, John (2020-02-11)
    In our ever-shrinking world, the legal effects and consequences of our actions can (and do) extend beyond our nation’s borders. "Cause and effect" is an international, global concept. Although the study of international ...