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  • Williams, Nikki; Williams, Shandrea P.; Bishop, Kathleen (2019-11-07)
    Students are often faced with many challenges in life, such as a death in the family, a personal illness, or being called away for a military assignment. It is important for professors and administrators to recognize when ...
  • Stevenson, Carolyn (2019-11-06)
    Being mindful of personal strengths and weaknesses is important to effective leadership within administrative roles and instructional roles across the University and in the classroom. Self-assessments tests such Myers-Briggs, ...
  • Fudge, Tamara; Edwards-Walcott, Carol (2019-11-06)
    Our students do not all learn the same; we know that learning styles play a role in understanding difficult concepts. This means that the written word does not serve every student, and we may have to find new ways to provide ...