How Time Management is more than a new App or Life Hack

Mary Laska
Jon Racster
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The purpose of this proposal was to focus on time management as a decision-making process that involves planning. It is also important to consider changing societal expectations, career changes, and family dynamics when determining what needs to get done. Time management can be aided by new and existing technology tools. This proposal focuses on awareness, perception and actionable items related to time management. Oyzarzun et al. (2020) demonstrate a disconnect between the perceived helpfulness of LMS tools for time management and their frequency of use many times stemming from lack of knowledge or perceived difficulty in using the tools. To address this disconnect we will highlight some of the LMS tools available in Brightspace as well as other existing productivity resources that may help faculty better manage their time both in and outside of the online classroom. We will also provide insights into the usefulness of the technologies and best practices when employing each tool.
Identifying tools available to aid in time management Applying best practices to technological tools in the classroom Applying best practices to technological tools outside the classroom