Prior Credits for Future Success: PG’s New Center for Prior Learning Recognition

Allegra Fowler
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Today’s transfer students are complex and dynamic learners seeking to accelerate their ability to earn meaningful credentials and achieve careers. Research shows that students who received credit for their prior learning did better. PG students who had prior learning recognized did better. PG believes that all students arrive at our university with skills and learning that they have acquired through past education, experience, and service. The new Center for Prior Learning Recognition (CPLR) hosts a system of student-focused solutions working in concert to measure skills and experiences, recognize the contained learning, and advance students towards efficient completion of their academic program. Join this session to learn more about PG’s new CPLR and the work PG is doing to observe transfer trends and respond to emerging opportunities for credit recognition. This session will outline the framework of prior learning recognition tools that our university uses to position students for academic success.
Understand the role and importance of the Center for Prior Learning Recognition in the university’s student success strategy. Recognize how PG is responding to prior learning and transfer trends in order to create improved opportunities for PG students. Prepare to provide guidance to students on the available prior learning recognitions services offered by Purdue Global.