Social Media and Mental Health: The Role Social Media Has in Our Lives

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Mental health and social media is becoming a prevalent topic in today’s society due to the content on various social media platforms that may negatively impact its users. Those negative impacts may be body image issues, negative emotions, complex family relationships, low self-esteem, loneliness, and health and well-being. The evidence surrounding social media’s impact on mental health varies from study to study. This study hypothesized that many participants are addicted to scrolling, which could lead to a consumption of content that leads to a decline in mental health. Based on the hypothesis, if the effects of social media are negative, it prompts participants to question their continued use of social media platforms. The Social Media and Mental Health Questionnaire collected 45 participants. The demographics of the participants varied. The participant responses varied across the entire survey. The questionnaire was unsuccessful in proving whether or not social media harms mental health. The data was widely spread, which means the hypothesis could not be proved. While the hypothesis could not be proven, some responses surrounding body image and loneliness showed potential cause for concern.
Social Media, Mental Health, Body Image, Negative Emotions, Family Relationships