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  • This collection features faculty research and works published in scholarly journals. Unpublished scholarly work that is research-oriented can also be submitted here.
  • This collection features faculty written articles published in publications like association websites and publications, trade publications, magazines, and others.

Recent Submissions

  • Sobel, Kathleen (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), 2019-09-19)
  • Fromer, Deborah Barkin; Frazier, Linda M. (Oxford Scholarship Online, 2017-11)
    This chapter describes reproductive and developmental disorders, with a focus on their recognition and prevention. Certain hazardous exposures at sufficient doses during preconception among men and women have been shown ...
  • Griffea-Hollis, Brina (The American Journal of Public Health Research, 2018)
    The burden of disease can be detrimental to individuals, health systems and can be an overall burden on the public health system. While there have been efforts to educate the public on the prevention of the Norovirus, the ...