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  • This collection features faculty research and works published in scholarly journals. Unpublished scholarly work that is research-oriented can also be submitted here.
  • This collection features faculty written articles published in publications like association websites and publications, trade publications, magazines, and others.

Recent Submissions

  • Pritikin, Martin (Attorney at Work, 2017-07-10)
    Legal incubators can bridge the gap for new solo practitioners by helping them to reduce overhead, providing training on the mechanics of operating a law practice, and giving access to both mentors and clients. Technology ...
  • Pritikin, Martin (Law360, 2017-08-07)
    Millions of Americans are in need of affordable legal services. Thousands of law school graduates need experience and a way to pay off their loans. Legal incubators can help them both at the same time.
  • Pritikin, Martin (eSchoolMedia & eCampus News, 2018-07-31)
    A recent proposal by the ABA to increase the number of credits that law schools may offer online doesn’t go nearly far enough.
  • Pritikin, Martin (Law360, 2018-09-04)
    The ABA recently raised its limits on online learning from one-sixth to one-third of total credits. While this is a step in the right direction, it does not go nearly far enough, and the legal profession remains far behind ...
  • Pritikin, Martin (Cypress Magazines, 2018-05-08)
    After decades of calls for reform in legal education, many law schools are still not doing as much as they could to prepare students for practice. Law schools should change their hiring and promotion priorities and incentives, ...
  • Pritikin, Martin (Cypress Magazines, 2018-03-07)
    Despite concerns that artificial intelligence will make lawyers obsolete, it is far more likely that it will shift their role and help make them more productive.
  • Pritikin, Martin (Cypress Magazines, 2018-09-11)
    Legal incubators not only promote affordable legal services, but provide law school graduates with critical training both in the practice of law and the business of opening and operating a law firm.
  • Pritikin, Martin (Cypress Magazines, 2018-10-09)
    After a number of years of declines nationwide, law school applications are finally starting to rebound. But the legal profession still fails to address the large swaths of society that need legal representation but cannot ...
  • Pritikin, Martin (Cypress Magazines, 2019-01-09)
    Statewide results of the July 2018 California were disappointing. While the obvious culprit would seem to be law schools admitting unprepared students, a rigorous study showed that other factors account for the bulk of the ...
  • Pritikin, Martin (Law360, 2019-05-05)
    Utah has piloted a potentially groundbreaking program that allows small claims litigants to have their disputes negotiated or adjudicated entirely online.
  • Pritikin, Martin (Cypress Magazines, 2019-05-13)
    While there has been concern that law school graduates taking the Uniform Bar Exam are less prepared for practice than those who took state-specific bar exams, other factors are more likely at play.
  • Pritikin, Martin (Cypress Magazines, 2019-07-23)
    The State Bar of California recently became the first accrediting body to open a path to full accreditation of online law schools, which has the potential to begin a transformation within the field of legal education.
  • Jamison, Shaun (Mitchell Hamline School of Law, 2019)
    The United States (U.S.) lacks a cohesive data privacy law. This article will examine the need for a national data privacy law, challenges to creating a national privacy law, and possible paths forward to a national privacy law.
  • Jamison, Shaun; Cooper, James (CIO Review, 2014-12)
    Five ways law firms can use technology to meet the expectations of clients in the new economy.
  • Jamison, Shaun (Attorney at Law Magazine, 2016-06-11)
    You and your clients must have a social media presence to protect your reputation, your position in the marketplace and to grow your businesses and careers. However, there are risks. As you jump in or continue using social ...
  • Jamison, Shaun (2014)
    Continuing legal education (CLE) is one way to help lawyers stay current with substantive law, skills, and prepare for potentially dramatic and fast moving changes to the practice of law. This paper examines one year of ...
  • Jamison, Shaun (Law360, 2018-03-28)
    In order to enable lawyers to best meet the challenges posed by cyber risks, this article proposes state bars pass rules that adopt a cybersecurity framework to be developed by a national group with appropriate stakeholders ...
  • Jamison, Shaun (ALM, 2017-07-21)
    This article offers helpful tips for dealing with an auto/bicycle collision.
  • Jamison, Shaun (CPO Magazine, 2018-12-08)
    The United States lacks a cohesive data privacy law. Presently U.S. law is a combination of federal sectoral laws and state laws. With the growing interest from consumers, tech companies, media, and politicians, there may ...